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Case Study Approachable Certification

Certification Body

Plum voice solution chosen by Approachable Certification

Approachable Certification is a UKAS accredited certification body for ISO 9001 (Quality), ISO 14001 (Environmental), ISO 45001 (Health & Safety) and ISO 27001 (Information Security) systems and provide certification to a vast array of business sectors.

Nigel Dunkinson, marketing manager at Approachable Certification, started working with Plum Communications in 2013 after a personal recommendation. They were looking for a replacement telephone system, Microsoft licensing, internet service and internal cabling.

When looking for a telecommunications provider Nigel said, “we wanted a company that finds out what their customer’s needs are first and prescribe a solution, not a company that says, ‘here’s our solution, now what are your needs’”. Approachable Certification chose Plum Communications as Nigel could see that Plum would provide this kind of service.

Nigel said that the installation of wiring and handsets was carried out very smoothly, the licences were deployed quickly, and the faster internet connection made a significant difference.

Approachable Certification have always been impressed by Plum’s customer service and have not had many reasons to request support, but when they have they know help is only a call or email away to solve any of their issues.



Location: Denton
Client: Approachable Certification
Business Type: Certification Body
Sector:  The Office

Solutions taken:
Horizon by Plum, Internet, Microsoft 365

Cleaning Phone

Nigel gave one example of standout service for him when one day “we needed a new router, so I called Peter and he said he’d send a new one, but I think he could sense that I was not confident with all the wires and setting it up, so he said he’d drop it off and set it up for us, which I felt was very good customer service”.

When asked if he would recommend Plum’s services to a friend Nigel said, “Yes definitely and I know other company owners that also work with Plum, and they speak very highly of them as well”.

To sum up their experience working with Plum, Nigel said, “excellent customer service, responsive, friendly and provides the solutions you need”.




MIcrosoft 365


IT Services


Customer Testimonials

Approachable Certification

Excellent customer service, responsive, friendly and provides the solutions you need

Nigel Dunkinson

Insurance Desk

a very caring, dynamic, forward thinking company who’s looking to take away your communications head-aches.

John Cox

Bannister Hall Nurseries

“They were willing to give me the facts and complete honesty”


Richard Hodges

Manchester Methodists

"I wish we would have gone with Plum in the first place, they allowed us to save money."


Angela Doyle

Table Check

“The systems have really updated our company”

Ashleigh Anson

BSA Marketing

“Plum are good at working with us to find a solution to our issues in very practical real world scenarios.” 

Duncan Wright

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