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Cloud Voice Hosted Phone Systems

Break Free

Break Free with Plum

Manage your entire communications infrastructure with an award winning cloud communications system built for business.

Organisations like yours are replacing their legacy onsite PBX with hosted cloud systems from Plum Communications.  Cloud hosted voice systems provide businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, managed via a simple web portal that puts you in control of your communications.

Learn how Plum voice, connectivity and mobile products can help you achieve your communications goals by contacting us now.

Plum Cloud Voice
Plum Cloud Voice

Not just for bigger organisations

When you need to handle calls efficiently, record calls and report on call activity you need Plum Cloud Voice. Previously these systems were only available to large corporates but now smaller businesses can also benefit from the features.

The benefits of Plum cloud voice are:
• Reduce staff stress and improve productivity by providing one single point for communications and reporting.
• Reduce IT, deployment, and support costs.
• Lower security risk and improve  business continuity.
• New features and upgrades are quickly implemented through Plum cloud.
• Staff can work from anywhere, only needing an internet connection.

Plum Cloud Voice

Easy Setup



Call Recording

Call Reporting and Wallboards

Softphone for mobile working

New UK and International numbers

Customer Testimonials

Approachable Certification

Excellent customer service, responsive, friendly and provides the solutions you need

Nigel Dunkinson

Insurance Desk

a very caring, dynamic, forward thinking company who’s looking to take away your communications head-aches.

John Cox

Bannister Hall Nurseries

“They were willing to give me the facts and complete honesty”


Richard Hodges

Manchester Methodists

"I wish we would have gone with Plum in the first place, they allowed us to save money."


Angela Doyle

Table Check

“The systems have really updated our company”

Ashleigh Anson

BSA Marketing

“Plum are good at working with us to find a solution to our issues in very practical real world scenarios.” 

Duncan Wright

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