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Case Study Morris Dental Care

Dental Practice

Dentist smiles with Plum telephone upgrade

David and Elizabeth Morris took over Pritchard Dental Practice in Oldham who had been an existing customer of Plum Communications since 2003. When taking over the practice they chose to remain with Plum and has since taken on the hosted voice service in May 2018.

When David and Elizabeth first took over the practice, they didn’t consider looking for a new telecoms provider as they were happy with the services already in place and liked the fact that Plum are a local company. David expressed in terms of telecommunications, everything was working well despite the existing systems looking old, so he made the decision to upgrade their systems. He said, “for a dental practice especially, having up to date telecoms systems is so critical”.

From upgrading these systems came many benefits that aided the running of the practice. Some benefits David highlighted were “the ability to manage call diversions and voice mails remotely. With the old systems, it didn’t happen often, but occasionally, someone would forget to switch on the answer machine on a Friday evening which brings the issues with patients contacting you for emergency services over the weekend. With the upgraded hosted voice services its already set up on a time schedule but by logging on to the portal remotely it can be changed on demand.” 

person at PC

Location: Oldham
Client: Morris Dental Practice
Business Type: Dental Practice
Sector:  Healthcare

Solutions taken:
Horizon by Plum, Internet

Cleaning Phone

Considering the Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown, like most companies, Morris Dental Practice were affected. “There was massive uncertainty about business support but in terms of telecoms, they were reliable throughout.” Their staff were able to take their laptops home and all calls were routed to their mobile phones with the twinning feature.”

David said that Plum’s customer service has been exceptional throughout and “knowing that they’re always there and are always quick to respond whenever we were having issues (which is rare) is assuring to know” and that they are “always kept informed and up to date with upgrades of services and systems.”

Reflecting on their relationship and services provided by Plum, David said he wouldn’t do anything different and everything’s working exactly how they want it to. More so, they are currently speaking with Peter about call recording to make operations run even smoother.

When asked if David would recommend Plum’s services to other companies or individuals, he said, “certainly would, we would absolutely recommend”.




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Customer Testimonials

Approachable Certification

Excellent customer service, responsive, friendly and provides the solutions you need

Nigel Dunkinson

Insurance Desk

a very caring, dynamic, forward thinking company who’s looking to take away your communications head-aches.

John Cox

Bannister Hall Nurseries

“They were willing to give me the facts and complete honesty”


Richard Hodges

Manchester Methodists

"I wish we would have gone with Plum in the first place, they allowed us to save money."


Angela Doyle

Table Check

“The systems have really updated our company”

Ashleigh Anson

BSA Marketing

“Plum are good at working with us to find a solution to our issues in very practical real world scenarios.” 

Duncan Wright

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