Fast internet is now available for North West businesses with speeds available from 100Mbps to 10Gbps. As part of the Faster Britain project new fibre cables have been installed to provide businesses with much faster internet speeds.

If your business has suffered from slow or intermittent internet connection there is now an opportunity to instal fibre and benefit from faster speed.

The old wiring infrastructure meant that many local businesses could not obtain fast internet speeds at an affordable cost.

The benefits for customers in the cabled areas are higher speed without the costs associated with traditional leased lines.

The Faster Britain service has options for all types of business. Uncontended for those businesses that require a dedicated connection with no compromise on bandwidth and contended where high speed is required but cost is a controlling factor.

Fibre is a recommended replacement for copper which will be withdrawn. By installing a good business fibre connection you can ensure that you do not lose service and that you have a solid foundation for your voice and cloud services.

Peter Savic
Plum Communications

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