Plum Communications will be demonstrating AI at Manchester Business Fair 6 July 2023, A J Bell Stadium.

We have been using AI in our voice solutions for some time, from routing incoming calls to the correct department, transcribing voicemail messages and meetings and archiving call recordings, all available to our business voice users.

The latest development sees the inclusion of call summary within the contact centre, which means that note taking has is a whole lot quicker. When the caller speaks to an agent on a call and there is a discussion which could be lengthy depending on the nature of the call, the AI bot can listen in and when the call is finished it will generate a textual summary of the call along the lines of: “John Smith called and spoke to Terry, Mr Smith asked how much square pegs were. Terry advised that they were £5 each but that that they would not fit into round holes and suggested that Mr Smith also purchase an upgrade package to make the holes square. Mr Smith agreed to purchase the upgrade package and thanked Terry for his assistance.”

Automating note taking in this manner can save the agent several minutes per call which means they can be available for the next call in a shorter time and theoretically handle more calls per day with less writing time.

Other developments being introduced for business voice users include real time transcription of archived call recordings, rather than a summary this will be a verbatim transcription of the call.

If you are visiting the show stop by our stand to check out the features or just to say hello.

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