This time of year is a good time to reconsider your phone and broadband deals and Plum Communications can help as we have many products and services available to meet your requirements.

  • Broadband

Move to a new broadband service that gives you speeds up to 10Gbps over fibre to the premises. With ultra-fast fibre you can monitor your business activity and back up any data in the cloud if needed. With multiple options available there a package to suit your needs.

  • Cloud Voice

Move your phones to a cloud-based system you can access from anywhere. Cloud voice can be used in collaboration with video conferencing to ensure that corporate meetings go well, and remote working allows you to do tasks with ease using the smart phone app that follows you everywhere you go.

  • Microsoft 365

Move your email to Microsoft 365 and reimagine the way you work by connecting with customers using outlook and exchange. Teams is included and provides multiple features allowing you to chat, call and host online meetings whether working remotely or on site.

  • Security

Protect corporate data by using a cloud platform with built-in security safeguards for remote work. With a single productivity solution, you can simplify collaboration tools, IT setup and maintenance, and expenses.

  • Music on Hold

Customised music on hold provides a professional message for your business and gives your customers a more pleasurable experience on hold so callers do not hang up.

  • Call Reporting

Add call reporting to your cloud voice system and report on caller activity and hold times. Improve your customer experience and handle calls more efficiently.

  • Mobile

Bespoke business plans from Plum mean that you can have the right package for all your business mobiles no matter which network you choose. Avoid overpaying for tariffs by picking the right package and monitor the usage so you never pay more than you should for your mobile service.

  • Antivirus

Is your antivirus up to scratch? Plum offers several anti-virus services and can recommend the most appropriate for your business devices.

  • Wi-Fi

Plum can provide you with centrally managed WIFI services for your premises as an additional feature to our broadband service. Allow staff and customers to access your WIFI but segregate them for security.

  • Energy

Do not fall on to variable rate energy tariffs, if you are nearing contract end Plum can review your energy costs and provide comparative quotes for alternative suppliers.

Begin your journey today with Plum Communications.

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