Number Porting 

Plum Communications number porting allows you to retain your old number from your previous  

Number porting gives your company freedom to change business communication providers without the hassle of having to inform existing customers and suppliers of a change of number. 

The first step is for you to provide a list of the numbers you want to port, as well as a copy of your invoice, so that we can verify that the numbers are yours. 

You may be required to sign a letter of authority, which will be delivered to the losing provider as proof that you have requested the number to be ported. 

We submit the porting order after receiving the request, which immediately notifies the losing provider and, if not disputed, receives a committed date. 

Congratulations, your number has been ported. You’ve moved from your old supplier to Plum. 

Please watch this short video to find out more and contact us for a free review at Plum Communications. 

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