Do you need a telecommunications provider that you can rely on 24/7? 

Plum Communications supply modern telephone systems to grow your business and will assist you to choose the most appropriate design for your business needs.  

We will provide you with an effective communication service to maximise your customer experience. 

Plum provides support and guidance to ensure that your system is right for you and will customise the settings so that it performs the way you want it to. 

Our flexible numbering means we can connect you with your customers around the world and existing numbers can usually be retained and ported into the new system. 

Plum can provide real time monitoring of calls so you can report on call waiting times and missed calls and operator availability. 

We provide a range of systems including Avaya, 3CX, Horizon, NFON and Microsoft Teams and we will suggest the most appropriate for your business requirements. 

Please watch this short video to find out more then contact us for a free review.

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