Introducing a simple phone line replacement service which is cloud based to migrate your systems to enhance your business telecommunications needs. 

As a small business owner, we know that your phone number is essential to your business. PhoneLine+ has been specifically designed to replace your traditional landline service using VoIP technology to deliver voice calls over your broadband network. 

Our replacement phone line solution allows you to make and receive calls from a mobile phone, desktop application or an analogue handset giving you more flexibility and control. 

PhoneLine+ allows you to make and receive calls anywhere by controlling calls from a single easy to use interface. Hold on to your numbers and manage multiple numbers for inbound and outbound calls. 

Multiple features available on PhoneLine+ with smart analytics to show reports on call pattern trends, checks to see calls are being answered. Setting you in charge by deciding on how you want any unanswered calls to be managed for out of hours services. 

Please watch this short video to find out more and contact us for a free review at Plum Communications. 

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