Working from home creates many challenges. 

How do you keep access to documents, share information and handle phone calls whilst keeping everything secure?  

Plum Communications provide a range of service which can help you achieve your goals when working from home or the office. 

Microsoft 365 provides file and document storage with other employees and your customers allowing access to be controlled to user level. 

Email can be built into Microsoft 365 so you can access emails from anywhere on any device and group mailboxes can be configured to allow sharing of new enquiries or customer updates. 

Word and Excel can be included, and files can be stored locally and, in the cloud, so if you need to stop working you can later pick up from where you left off to continue your work. 

Microsoft Teams allows document sharing, collaboration is easy as multiple users can edit and publish documents in real time. Chat is useful for keeping touch with colleagues and Plum Communications can enable voice on Microsoft teams to provide a full audio experience without the need for a desk phone. 

Apart from Microsoft we have our hosted voice services which allow you to communicate effectively with staff and customers. These can be supplied with desk phones or apps which means you can make and receive calls wherever you have an internet connection. 

Plum can provide real time monitoring of telephone calls so you can report on call waiting times, calls queueing, agent availability, talk time and missed calls. All these are useful performance indicators to measure and improve customer service. 

Wherever you are working you will need a reliable internet connection, Plum can advise on the most suitable connection for your location. We have a range of providers and can usually offer choice of connection type and speeds. All our connections are monitored, and we provide you with your own log in so you can view your own circuit performance and set alerts in case of any service issues. 

If you require remote access to the office, we can configure Virtual Private Networks, so you have a secure connection to access your data. 

Plum Communications can help your business provide excellent customer service.  

Watch a short clip to find out more. 

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